What is CSNL?

The Cognitive Science Net Laboratory (CSNL) is a virtual research facility within the Rider University Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute (STARI).  CSNL uses Web and mobile technologies to support research in the cognitive sciences. Currently,CSNL has a global reach,and is engaged in international research efforts examining how the behavioral and cognitive sciences can aid in disaster risk reduction and communication of safety information.


  • Dr. Sullivan welcomes Rider University student Janelle De Guzman as a CSNL Research Assistant for Spring 2011.
  • 2010 CSNL activities included a paper,special session,and workshop at IDRC 2010 in Davos,Switzerland and collaboration (ongoing) with the University of Jyväskylä in Finland.
  • CSNL Research Assistant (2009) and Rider University student Kate DeBlois’student research was included as part of a paper published in the International Journal of Emergency Management in 2010.

Recent Publications

  • Sullivan,H.T. &Hakkinen,M.T. (2010). Preparedness and Warning Systems for Populations with Special Needs:Ensuring Everyone Gets the Message (and Knows What To Do). Journal of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering,Online First,http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10706-010-9363-z
  • Kurkinen,E.,Sullivan,H.,Hakkinen,M.,&Lauttamus,M. (2010). Optimizing Mobile Social Media Interfaces for Rapid Internal Communication by Emergency Services. Proceedings of the 7th International ISCRAM Conference – Seattle,USA,May 2010
  • Sullivan,H.,Hakkinen,M.T. &DeBlois,K. (2010) Communicating Critical Information to Populations with Special Needs.  International Journal of Emergency Management,7(1),pp 6-16.

Current Research Areas

  • Making Emergency Notification Systems more effective at reaching those at risk
  • Using Mobile Phones for enhancing personal health and safety
  • Signs and Symbols for Evacuation and Sheltering
  • Web-based experiments for use in undergraduate psychology courses
  • Ad Hoc Networks for Mobile Data Collection

For more information,contact Dr. Helen T. Sullivan,hsullivan (at) rider.edu