Helen T. Sullivan,MSc,PhD

Cognitive Science
Helen T. Sullivan,PhD
Dr. Sullivan earned her MSc and PhD in Experimental Psychology from St. Louis University. At Rider University,Dr. Sullivan is a research fellow in the Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute (STARI) and is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology. Her courses include Learning and Memory,Behavior Modification,Sensation &Perception,Research Methods &Statistics and Independent Research.

Dr. Sullivan’s current research interests focus on how to reduce the risk of harm from disasters. The Cognitive Science Net Laboratory is the platform she has developed,in conjunction with PSYDRR,for conducting her research. She has presented her work at conferences and workshops in Europe,China,and Japan.

Dr. Sullivan is a member of the American Psychological Association,Sigma Xi,the Eastern Psychological Association,the Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management Community,the Global Risk Forum,and the Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction.

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