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A number of papers and proceedings are available here in the Library.

Workshop Proceedings

PSYDRR has organized a series of workshops at the International Disaster and Risk Conference, beginning in 2007. Proceedings from these workshops are listed below.

  • IDRC 2007 The Role of Psychology in Disaster Mitigation
  • IDRC 2008  The  Role of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences in Effective Risk Communication, Preparedness and Warning Strategies
  • IDRC 2010 Mobile Technology and ICT for Disaster Preparedness, Warning, and Response



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  • Kurkinen, E., Sullivan, H., Hakkinen, M., & Lauttamus, M. (2010). Optimizing Mobile Social Media Interfaces for Rapid Internal Communication by Emergency Services. Proceedings of the 7th International ISCRAM Conference – Seattle, USA, May 2010
  • Sullivan, H., Hakkinen, M.T. & DeBlois, K. (2010) Communicating Critical Information to Populations with Special Needs.  International Journal of Emergency Management, 7(1), pp 6-16.
  • Hakkinen, M., Sullivan, H., & DeBlois, K. (2009) Communicating Critical Information Using Mobile Phones to Populations with Special Needs.  Paper presented at Wireless Emergency Communications State of Technology Conference,  September 21-23, 2009, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • Sullivan, H.T., Hakkinen, M.T., & Piechocinski, D. (2009) Improving participation, accessibility and compliance for campus wide mobile emergency alerting systems. In Mobile Response (Löffler, J. & Klann, M., eds.), Vol. 5424, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
  • Sullivan, H., Hakkinen, M., & Piechocinski, D. (2008). Improving participation, accessibility and compliance for campus-wide mobile emergency alerting systems. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Mobile Information Technology for Emergency Response 2008 in Bonn, Germany, May 29-30.
  • Sullivan, H., Hakkinen, M., Piechocinski, D., & Merritt, T. (2008). Emergency Notifications in Mobile Contexts: Effective Approaches for Universal Design. Poster presentation at ISCRAM 2008 – Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, Washington, DC, May 2008
  • Hakkinen, M. & Sullivan, H. (2007). Reaching Vulnerable Populations: Importance of Accessibility in the Design of Preparedness and Warning Systems. In Proceedings of the 2nd International ISCRAM CHINA Workshop,  Harbin, China, August 2007.
  • Hakkinen, M. (2007). Human Factors Issues in the Design of MultimodalPublic Warning Systems. In Proceedings of the International Disaster Reduction Conference (IDRC), Harbin (China), August, 2007.
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